Get Ready to Splash Your Craft

Get Ready to Splash Your Craft

9 Steps to Prepare Your Boat for the Season

The temperature is rising and it’s time to get your boat on the water. Make sure you perform these checks before you go out to avoid preventable issues.

    1. Oil Check
      If you didn’t change the oil and filter when you put your boat away in the fall, do it now. It’s also a good idea to check the oil in the outdrive.
    2. Battery Inspection
      First, disconnect the battery and clean away any corrosion. If you have a traditional battery with vent caps, fill it up. Test with a battery tester.
    3. Cooling System
      Refill the cooling system, rinse out the strainer and check the hoses for cracks.
    4. Fuel System
      Top off your tank if it isn’t already full. Change the fuel filter and make sure the fuel line is attached. Check for cracks in the fuel line.
    5. Belts & Hoses
      Check all belts and hoses for cracks and brittleness. Belts should be tight over the pulleys so they don’t slip, which can also make them wear faster. A black soot-like substance near the pulley is a sign the belt is worn and needs to be replaced.
    6. Propeller and hull assessment
      Check your propeller for dings or cracks, and make sure it’s attached properly. Check rudders, shafts and boat trim.
    7. Onboard Inspection
      Test your horn and VHF radio (if you have one). Inspect your life jackets and make sure your fire extinguisher isn’t expired. Make sure your anchor is on board.
    8. Check the manual
      Make sure to read the owner’s manual for any safety checks specific to your boat.
    9. Keep it covered
      Even when you take every precaution, accidents can happen. Keep your boat protected with the proper insurance. Call us at 401-846-9629 and we’ll help you to secure the perfect coverage for your boat.

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