Distracted Driving

Put Your Phone Down

Just Don’t Do It!

With the increase of seasonal visitors and traffic, driving on Aquidneck Island can be frustrating at this time of year. Combining our busy schedules with extra traffic can tempt us all to multi-task behind the wheel. But don’t do it! Here’s why you should hang up and just drive…

Driver distractions or inattentive driving play a part in one out of every four motor vehicle crashes. That is more than 1.5 million collisions a year and 4,300 crashes daily, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Distracted Driving, Don't Do It!

According to Distraction.gov there are three main types of distraction:

  1. Manual: taking your hands off of the wheel.
  2. Visual: taking your eyes off of the road.
  3. Cognitive: taking your mind off of driving.
  • Pull Off the Road
    Don’t drive while calling or texting; pull off the road to a safe location.
  • Use Speed Dialing
    Program frequently called numbers into your phone for easy, one-touch dialing.
  • Never Dial While Driving
    If you must dial manually, do so only when stopped. Pull off the road, or have a passenger dial for you.
  • Take a Message
    Let your voice mail pick up your calls in tricky driving situations.
  • Know When to Stop Talking
    Keep conversations brief so you can concentrate on your driving. If a long discussion is required, if the topic is stressful or emotional, or if driving becomes hazardous, end your conversation and continue it once you are off the road.
  • Don’t Eat or Drink While Driving
    Spills, both hot and cold, can easily cause an accident. If you have to stop short, you could also be severely burned.
  • Groom Yourself At Home
    Shaving, putting on makeup, combing your hair or other forms of preening are distractions and should be done at home, not while driving.

Remember just one distraction is all it takes…

Content Sources: Information Insurance Institute, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Distraction.gov
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