Ten Hurricane Preparation Tips

Ten Hurricane Preparation Tips


  1. Keep Blinds Closed
    Keeping blinds and heavy drapes closed during a severe storm can add a little extra protection against flying glass. An ounce of prevention!
  2. Smaller is Better
    Seek shelter in a small interior room, closet or hallway in the lowest level of your home – an area with the least décor is always better!
  3. Clean Out Gutters
    Excess water in gutters can seep under roof and through walls resulting in interior water damage. Clean gutters allow water to flow freely – off the roof and away from the house.
  4. Trim Nearby Branches
    A common cause of storm damage is damage caused by falling tree limbs. Periodically trim all tree limbs within close proximity to your home. Don’t forget parking areas where car may be damaged!
  5. Stock Up the Pantry
    Keep enough canned goods and other non-perishables on hand to last your family a week or more.
  6. Cook All Raw Meat
    Cooked meat has a longer storage life and you avoid possible cross contamination.
  7. Fill Bathtub With Water
    Use for cleaning, bathing and toilet flushing.
  8. Check Prescriptions
    Make sure that you have a sufficient supply of prescriptions on hand prior to the storm hitting.
  9. Remove Any Unsecured Outdoor Property
    Lawn furniture, trash cans, toys – anything that could become airborne in heavy wind.
  10. Seal All Openings
    Take a walk around your home and note any cracks or holes in exterior walls or foundations. Heavy wind driven rain can drive water through even the smallest of openings. Make you house weather tight – seal all holes and cracks before a storm hits.
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