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Bicycle Safety

With health, environmental and even financial benefits, biking around town is a good idea as well as good fun! But just as the fine weather makes riding possible and enjoyable, local automobile traffic is building for the same reason. Many tourists navigating our city streets have little idea where they are going, and are bound to make unpredictable moves. Frustrated locals seek ways to get around town with the same speed they are accustomed to in the off-season. That makes this the perfect time to learn some solid tips on defensive bicycle riding.

Most resources we’ve seen on bicycle safety provide little more information than advising the use of helmets and to “follow the law”—but this is just not enough. Sure, a helmet might help you if you do get hit, but the goal is to not get hit. Following the law is important, but it won’t necessarily keep you safe. We’ve found a comprehensive article that provides solid strategies (with easy to understand illustrations) for riding with automobiles and specifically outlines “10 Ways to Not Get Hit” including:

The Door Prize
2: The Door Prize
The Right Cross
1: The Right Cross
  1. The Right Cross
  2. The Door Prize
  3. The Crosswalk Slam
  4. The Wrong-Way Wreck
  5. The Red Light of Death
  6. The Right Hook
  7. The Right Hook, part 2
  8. The Left Cross
  9. The Rear End
  10. The Rear End, part 2

Additional General Tips explained include:

  • Avoid busy streets
  • Light up your bike
  • Take the whole lane when appropriate
  • Signal your turns
  • Re-think music players and mobile phones
  • Ride as if you are invisible

If you are involved in a bicycle accident, you may be covered by Uninsured Motorist protection on your automobile policy. If your bicycle is damaged or stolen it may be covered by your homeowners policy. As always, we’re here to help, email or call us at 401-846-9629 for a free policy review. We’ll determine the best plan to protect you, your family and your bicycles too!

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