Homeowners: Take A Good Look Around Your House This Spring

Your house has been your refuge this winter, sheltering you from countless storms. Now that the weather has broken, it’s time to get outside into the fresh air and sunshine and give your house some love. Here’s a short list of projects that you and your house will feel really good about from top to bottom, inside and out.

Gutter CleaningTop
Your gutters may have plenty of build up of leaves and branches, clear them out and look also at downspouts to be sure that water can run away from your home. While cleaning the gutters, take in the view, how does the roof look? Are there tree limbs brushing against your house? Our trees have taken a winter beating too– look for broken limbs and branches that may not have fallen to the ground… yet. Late Winter /early Spring is the best time to prune trees. Not only does it give the cuts the longest time in which to heal before the following winter, it is easier to see what you are doing before the foliage fills in and there will be less to clean up. Look also at limbs overhanging abutting properties, consider your neighbors when pruning, they may not enjoy shade or sunshine as much as you do and might want overhanging limbs trimmed back more or less than you think. If you plan to do it yourself, make a game plan with safety in mind!

Weather StrippingBottom
Walk the perimeter of your home; inspect the foundation, both outdoors and in the basement. Notice any mold that may be starting to bloom with moisture from spring rains. It’s a good time to check your HVAC systems, and change filters recommended by your owner’s manuals. If you spot anything out-of-order with your roof, foundation, or HVAC systems, enlist a licensed contractor to assess damage and provide estimates for repairs.

Inside & Out
Was your home drafty this winter? Simple solutions range from weather-stripping, to insulated draperies, new windows and doors. Spring is the best time to address these leaks while they are fresh in mind. You will also benefit by sealing your home now to keep the cold air IN this summer when you turn on the air conditioning.

Finally, protect it all with the proper homeowner’s insurance coverage.
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