Make A Home Inventory This Spring!

Know Your Stuff App

Having an updated inventory will help you to:

  • Purchase enough insurance to replace the things you own.
  • Get your insurance claims settled faster.
  • Substantiate losses for your income tax return.

There are many ways to create an inventory, including simply writing a list and saving receipts and photos in a file. It may seem overwhelming to record information about everything you have in your house, but this is 2016 and there’s an APP for that! The FREE Know Your Stuff ® App makes the process simple and enables you to update the list easily as needed. Once you have created your list it becomes a valuable tool in determining if you have adequate coverage for your possessions, or if it would be smart to add a floater to your policy. With or without the App, start here…

GET A GAME PLAN: Decide how you will organize the process– by item category (furniture, electronics, etc.), value or age. A room-by-room approach will break down the project into manageable pieces for you. Don’t forget your attic, basement, garage, porch, patio, shed and other outside storage areas.


LIST IT: Make note of expensive items, such as jewelry, furs, and collectibles. Valuable items may need separate insurance. And don’t forget to list more commonplace items such as toys and clothing. For many items like books, CDs, sheets or pots and pans, you can make a general estimate of how many you have and their approximate value.

PICTURE IT: Shoot and store a visual record of your possessions and keep it together with your inventory.

STORE IT: Whether you make a paper or electronic record, store a copy somewhere outside of your house where you will be able to access it if you are unable to enter your home.

UPDATE IT: As you acquire new items, keep receipts and note specific information about make, model, price and add this info to your inventory while the details are fresh in your mind.

Of course, if you use the FREE Know Your Stuff ® App, available for Apple or Android products, these steps are automated and stored for your future use!

Once you have your inventory, let’s review it together to be sure that you are properly covered.
Give us a call at 401-846-9629— We’re always here to help!

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