Spring Cleaning, It’s Not Just for Your House & Yard

The change of season is the perfect time to get your insurance “house” in order too!
Reevaluating your policies now, may save you money and headaches later.
Take some time to consider these areas of coverage…


Auto Insurance
Do you need the same the coverage you had over the winter? Maybe you need more coverage now? Perhaps you qualify for additional discounts? Good student, good driver, multi-car, and paid-in-full discounts are just a few for which you may qualify. If you have a car or motorcycle that is only driven in the warmer months, confirm that your policies are up to date prior to taking that first spin of the season.

Homeowners Insurance
Like auto insurance, start by examining your coverage. Do you have enough? Does your home qualify for any discounts? Warmer weather means home projects for many, if you are thinking about renovating or building, it is important to have enough homeowner’s insurance coverage throughout your project(s). If the completed project(s) increases the value of your home, you may also consider adjusting your coverage to a higher level.

Flood Insurance
Spring flooding is a concern that can cause damages requiring repairs into the thousands of dollars. You may consider purchasing flood insurance even if your home is not in a high-risk zone and you are not required to have flood insurance. Floodwater can cause damages that require repairs into the thousands.

Spring TravelTravel Insurance
Travel Insurance can cover everything from lost luggage to delays and cancellations. A cost-effective policy will ease your worries about not reaching your destination or getting stuck far away from home.

Boat and Personal Water Craft Coverage
Soon it will be time to get back out on the water. Having the proper coverage for your personal watercraft, sail or powerboat, no matter its size is vital. If you are involved in an accident, the consequences can be devastating. At D. F. Dwyer, we specialize in all types of watercraft insurance to protect you.

Valuable Items
Over the past few months, including the holiday season and Valentine’s Day, you may have acquired some new, high-value items such as expensive jewelry or luxury items for your home. Create or update your Home Inventory and cross check with your Homeowner’s Policy. It may be time to increase your coverage or purchase a floater. Of course, we are happy to review this with you to assist in the decision-making process.

At D.F. Dwyer Insurance, we can help you with all types of coverage.
Call us today at 401-846-9629 for a complete review of your policies.
We’re always here to help!

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