5+ Tips to Keep the Happy in Holiday Travel

Travel Tip Keep Calm & Carry On
  1. Book Early As with many things in life, early planning pays off with more options and competitive fares. (BONUS Tip: TravelGuard® can help if you must cancel or change your itinerary, costs far less than the inflated price of a last minute booking and provides additional first-class protection to boot!)
  2. Avoid “Bad” Travel Days We all know that Wednesday before Thanksgiving is a notoriously known “bad” travel day and that you’ll pay up for a return ticket on the following Sunday. For Christmas and New Year, look at a calendar to determine which travel days make for the longest vacation including the least weekdays between weekends– those will be in highest demand and most expensive. Often traveling on the holiday itself is a breeze.
  3. Holiday Travel TipsSearch Smart & Save Comparison-shopping for flights has never been easier with airfare aggregator websites. Use the search term “search adjacent days or airports” to find the best deals. By selecting airports in less demand you may also save on related expenses such as parking, taxis, rental cars and nearby hotels. (BONUS Tip: Smaller airports have fewer flights and typically fewer delays!)
  4. Timing is Everything Plan sufficient time during layovers and add extra time for weather and flight delays during winter months. If your originating flight is not direct, check out the airport terminal map (often found in on-board magazine) so that you can hit the ground running to the gate of your connecting flight. Leave home early as you may face unanticipated delays from traffic jams, full parking lots, absent shuttles and long lines. If possible have a friend drop you curbside to avoid airport parking lot chaos and costs all together. (BONUS Tip: Return the favor to your friend when they travel.)
  5. Keep Calm Airline employees have considerable power over your well-being and few respond well to anger. Be prepared for delays and slow-downs at security; be in charge of your own mood.
    & Carry On Everyone knows the advantages of packing light to avoid extra expense, delays and lost luggage. But How? We can’t help with your fashion options, but here are a few things that we can all do:
  • Check Both Your Airline Carry-On Guidelines and Updated TSA Restrictions BEFORE you pack!
  • Shop Online & Ship Ahead If you purchase gifts online, have them shipped directly to your destination to avoid airport security searching more than your carry-on.
  • Ship Gifts Home Before traveling home, drop off your gifts at a pack and ship store (BONUS TIP: Your back will appreciate these shipping options too!)

At D.F. Dwyer Insurance are proud to offer TravelGuard® with 24/7 assistance services to assist you with many travel challenges from re-booking flights and hotels to finding lost luggage and for travel delays due to inclement weather, trip cancellation/interruption, medical expense and more – all to help make your holiday travel a little easier and (we hope) happier.

Call us today at 401-846- 9629 to learn more about TravelGuard®; we’re here to help!

Some Content Sourced: TravelGuard® and Independent Traveler
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