Green Insurance

Green Insurance Options

Innovative & Eco-Friendly Options

For consumers and business owners committed to “going green,”a wide range of insurance options are now available. Below are a few of the innovative, eco-friendly products, services and discounts now offered by many of our underwriters.


Efficiency & Sustainability Standards: Premium discounts may be available for those whose homes meet stringent standards, such as LEED certified homes.

Green Rebuild: Homeowners coverage that replaces/rebuilds after a loss with more eco-friendly materials is often offered as an endorsement to a standard homeowners policy. Some companies may offer homeowners rebates if they replace old kilowatt-hungry appliances with Energy-Star devices.

Off the Grid: For homeowners who generate their own geothermal, solar or wind power and sell any surplus energy back to the local power grid, there are now policies that cover both the income lost when there is a power outage caused by a covered peril and the extra expense to the homeowner of temporarily buying electricity from other sources.

Green Car Insurance


Hybrid Discounts: some underwriters offer premium discounts of up to 10% for hybrid vehicles; similar discounts may also apply to hybrid-electric boats. Some policies also have optional endorsements to upgrade to similar model hybrid vehicles after a total loss.

Alternative Fuel Discounts: If your car uses an alternative energy source, such as biodiesel, electricity, natural gas, hydrogen or ethanol, you may be eligible for a discount on your premium.

Pay as You Drive (PAYD) Programs: Several providers offer programs with a sensor in the car that tracks miles driven and speed. The information is used to reward policyholders who drive fewer miles than average by providing them with discounts.

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