How Smart Is Your House?

Jetson's Smart Home

Can It Save You Money On Your Homeowner’s Insurance? Maybe So!

Smart Technologies & Tools:

Getting started in upgrading your house to “smart” is easy, with a variety of tools and technologies that allow you to control different parts of your home via Wi-Fi and a computer or wireless device such as a smartphone or tablet.

Smart thermostats: Next-generation devices allow you to change settings from your phone or computer. They can also learn your schedule and adjust automatically; some can “sense” when no one is at home and turn down the heat or up the cool air. Even if you don’t have a “smart” thermostat, chances are your existing one is programmable; simple schedule-based adjustments can save 10% of heating and cooling costs.

Smart lighting: Wi-Fi- enabled LED light bulbs not only allow you to dim lights from your smartphone, they reduce energy costs, last for years and some can even change color for instant mood lighting!

Smart doorbells and deadbolts: Smart doorbells alert your wireless device when someone rings, allowing you to speak with would-be visitors even if you are not home. Using your smartphone, you can lock and unlock doors remotely and create and change security codes.

Smart HomeSmart safety: Home security systems and surveillance cameras can also be controlled remotely – or programmed to alert you when they’re triggered by motion or other signs of trouble. Installed apps work with “smart” smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to alert you when away, or allow you to silence false alarms easily when at home.

Smart plugs: Wi-Fi-enabled outlets and switches turn power on and off from a smartphone app. Pretty much anything that can be plugged in – existing lighting, appliances and more can be controlled by “smart plugs.”

Networking Home Automation: Connecting all of these smart systems to a single hub or system remains a bit challenging. Many systems remain proprietary and difficult to connect to each other – and obsolescence is always a concern. But open standards and new systems are beginning to make yesterday’s Sci-Fi dream of a fully smart home a reality, and consumer technology companies are battling to be the first to create one hub to rule them all.

In the meantime, buying more energy-efficient products are typically worth the extra money AND with many underwriters offering Smart Home Discounts; we may be able to save you money on your homeowners insurance!

Call us at 401-846-9629 let’s look at your Smart Home insurance options; We’re always here to help!

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