Spring Cleaning For A Safer Home

Cleaning Your Gutters Prevents Water Damage to Your Home.

At this time of year, many homeowners eagerly prepare for the warmer seasons ahead by rolling-up their sleeves to spring clean their properties. By adding just just a few extra steps to the process, you can easily make your home safer and prevent problems that could lead to an insurance claim in the future.

Water Damage Protection:

  • Clear Out Gutters & Downspouts: Autumn leaves and winter storms may have combined to clog your gutters and downspouts. Clean out to prevent overflow, leaks and other possible damage to your roof. Direct downspouts away from foundation to avoid damage and wet basements.
  • Find Higher Ground for Heirlooms: Move valuable items from the basement to a closet on an upper floor, such as a spare room closet.
  • Install Back Water Valves & Plugs: These can seal drains and toilets to protect against sewer back-ups.
  • Seal Tub & Shower Grouting: Repair cracks that let water seep into walls and lead to mold and rot.

Fire Hazard Prevention:

  • Clean Out Dryer Hose & Vent: Remove accumulated lint, which is extremely flammable and can be ignited by drying heat. (Never leave the dryer running if you are not at home.)
  • Inspect & Clean Furnace: A professional can identify and prevent problems before they happen!
  • Test Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Refresh batteries if needed.
  • Replace HVAC Filters: once a year. A clean airflow reduces the efforts of your air conditioning and heating units in performing their functions and can extend the life of the unit’s motor.

Home Exterior Exam:

  • Trim Trees & Branches: Limit potential property damage and personal injury, not only to you and your property, but that of neighbors and visitors.
  • Repair Your Walkways: Winter freezing and thawing wrecks havoc on outdoor hardscapes— cracks, loose bricks and pavers create tripping hazards for you, your family and visitors to your home. Should someone trip and injure himself or herself on your property, you might face a liability issue. To reduce this risk, you should take the time to repair your home’s walkways this spring.
  • Check Window & Door Seals: Fill in any gaps and replace worn or dried out caulking.

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