Vacation & Staycation Safety Tips to Help Prevent Home Burglary

Planning a road trip

Although fly-away vacations will likely be on hold this summer, you may still get-away to the great outdoors with a family road-trip or pleasure-cruise. But, before you pull out of your driveway or cast off of the dock, check out these tips to prevent burglary and ensure that you’ll have a happy homecoming! 

Deter Burglars All Year Long, Install the Following:

  • Home Security System
  • Strong Exterior Doors (made of solid wood or steel)
  • Deadbolt Locks
  • Motion-Activated Sensors on Outdoor Floodlights
  • Block Basement Windows
  • Lock Pet Doors

Planning a pleasure cruiseAnd Prior to Traveling:

  • Don’t share about your trip on social media or in public until after you have returned home
  • Make an Inventory of valuables w/ serial numbers and photos
  • Stop the newspaper, mail and other deliveries or ask a trusted neighbor to pick them up
  • Put at least one light on a timer
  • Arrange for your lawn to stay trimmed

Make It Difficult for Burglars:

  • Don’t store expensive flatware in the dining room hutch
  • Don’t keep expensive jewelry on your bedroom dresser
  • Keep important documents, financial information and small valuables in a fireproof safe, discreetly hidden in your house.

Have the Right Home Insurance Policy:

No matter the precautions taken to prevent theft, sometimes the unexpected still happens. In the event thieves break into your house, steal your personal items or damage your home, home insurance may be able to help you.

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