Three flaming logs in a wood-burning stove

Fire-Up Your Wood Burning Stove Safely

Before you start your first fire of the season or if you are installing a new wood-burning stove, please read on for very important safety considerations. This article is designed to provide you with basic information on wood-stove safety, including tips on installation, venting, chimneys, operation, and maintenance. By following these recommended procedures and methods, you can safely and efficiently heat your home or business with wood.

Daniel F. Dwyer, III

Our 100th Issue!

In honor of our 100th issue of this E-Newsletter, we’ll take a look back at one of our most popular series– our year-long 50th Anniversary feature: 1962 Newport & Beyond. It was an extremely eventful year in local, national and international history-and Newport was front and center on the world stage with the First Family vacationing at Hammersmith Farm and the America’s Cup competition in full swing. Read it again or for the fist time and you’ll be prepared with fun conversation starters for your Holiday week gatherings.