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Our 100th Issue!

In honor of our 100th issue of this E-Newsletter, we’ll take a look back at one of our most popular series– our year-long 50th Anniversary feature: 1962 Newport & Beyond. It was an extremely eventful year in local, national and international history-and Newport was front and center on the world stage with the First Family vacationing at Hammersmith Farm and the America’s Cup competition in full swing. Read it again or for the fist time and you’ll be prepared with fun conversation starters for your Holiday week gatherings.

How to File a Homeowners Insurance Claim

How to File a Homeowners Claim

A violent storm damages your house. A grilling accident leaves your guest injured. A burglar breaks in. When an unfortunate event strikes close to home, you might need to file a claim with your insurance company. As part of the contract between you and your insurer, a claim against your homeowners policy comes with rules and procedures that both your insurer and you must follow.

Flag Etiquette, when flying the U.S. flag at night.

Flag Etiquette

In 1942, Congress approved the U.S. Flag Code, establishing an official etiquette for the handling and display of the U.S. Flag. The cardinal rule is to always treat the flag respectfully… essential specifics include…