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7 Healthy Benefits of Gardening

Health Benefits of Gardening

An abundance of scientific research suggests that caring for plants can also do wonders for your own wellbeing. The physical exercise can contribute to a healthy weight and blood pressure levels, and just interacting with flora can improve your mood and mental health.

Focus-Up; Delete Driving Distractions

Delete Distracted Driving

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month –now more than ever it is crucial to #JustDrive and eliminate all distractions that might lead to a crash that lands you or others in the E.R.

Taking Care of Your Digital Self, Part 6: Cyber Security

Protecting Your Digital Self: CyberSecurity

Computers are a huge part of everyday lives and a personal information stored on them is a goldmine to identity thieves. Threats like ransomware (which literally holds a computer hostage until it’s paid) or WiFi hacking can cause serious damage to someone’s identity. Your technology is a gateway to your identity, and keeping them secure is more important than ever.

Taking Care of Your Digital Self, Part 5: Social Media

Protect Your Digital Self Part 5: Social Media

Social media is rife with identity threats, such as scams, oversharing and reputation damage. In order to practice good identity hygiene, constantly be aware of what is being shared and what kind of information those posts and pictures give away to strangers.

Flood Safety & Preparation, Part 1: Before

Water stored in bathtubs and sinks should never be used for drinking or for bathing young children because lead can leak from the glaze in bathtubs and sinks into water stored in them.

Dwyer Insurance has numerous Flood Insurance options from which we will select a policy perfectly tailored to suit your property and budget. Our clients typically enjoy significant savings with our customized flood insurance coverage plans vs. standard NFIP rates.

Spring Cleaning For A Safer Home

Cleaning Your Gutters Prevents Water Damage to Your Home.

By adding just just a few extra steps to your Spring Cleaning process, you can easily make your home safer and prevent problems that could lead to an insurance claim in the future.

Covered for Nor’easter Damage?

Home with wind damage and uprooted tree

Most extreme weather damage (with the exception of flooding) is covered by your standard homeowners and automobile insurance policies

2 Wheels + 1 Motor

2 Wheels + 1 Motor: What Insurance Do You Need?

With spring and milder weather just around the corner, we’ll soon be pulling out our 2-wheelers for convenience, pleasure and economy. Whatever your reason for riding, you’ll need proper protection and D.F. Dwyer Insurance can help.

Save Money On Your Boat Insurance

Making sure your boat insurance policy fits your boating needs is the most important first step. After we work together to determine the appropriate coverage for your vessel, there are several additional items to consider that can potentially influence the cost of your boat insurance premium.

Spring Cleaning For Your Insurance Policies

Spring Cleaning For Your Insurance Policy

Spring is the traditional time of year for cleaning your home, and it is also an ideal time to review your insurance coverage. As seasons pass, our lives change, and so do our insurance needs. Take the time this spring to read your policies and ask yourself the following key questions…

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