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Prepare Your Fireplace For Winter

Fireplace with fire

Fireplaces and chimneys cause 42% of all home-heating fires. Now is the time to prepare your fireplace for the cold months ahead. Before you put spark to the kindling this season take a look at these 7 preparation and safety tips.

Protect Your Home From Mold

Protect Your Home From Mold

When it comes to keeping your home mold-free, a strong offense is definitely your best defense. Mold, like rot and insect infestation, is generally not covered by a homeowners insurance policy. If, however, mold is the direct result of a covered peril such as a burst pipe, there could be coverage for the cost of eliminating the mold.

Can Insurance Protect You From Halloween Havoc?

Can Insurance Protect You From Halloween Havoc?

Halloween can be scary but having the right insurance coverage can take some of the fright out of the night. Your Homeowners’ and Renters’ insurance policies provide financial protection for a host of disasters whether they occur on Halloween, or any other day.

Protect Yourself From Tricks This Halloween

A few basic safety steps, along with up-to-date homeowners and auto insurance policies, can take some of the fright out of possible Halloween related damage if…

Tricks For Making Your Halloween Party A Safe One

Halloween Party

If you are hosting a party where alcohol is served, it is your responsibility to make sure that your guests are capable of driving safely. Anyone hosting a Halloween party should take steps to limit their liquor liability and make sure they have the proper insurance.

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