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Taking Care of Your Digital Self, Part 5: Social Media

Protect Your Digital Self Part 5: Social Media

Social media is rife with identity threats, such as scams, oversharing and reputation damage. In order to practice good identity hygiene, constantly be aware of what is being shared and what kind of information those posts and pictures give away to strangers.

Taking Care of Your Digital Self, Part 4: Records & Documents

Protect your records and documents from identity theft.

Believe it or not, dumpster diving is still a method identity thieves use to get personal information. Your Health insurance statement of benefits may alert someone that your identity was used to obtain medical services or prescriptions, known as medical identity theft.

Taking Care of Your Digital Self, Part 3: Account Statements

Protect Your Digital Self: Check Account Statements

More than 40 percent of Americans have experienced fraudulent credit card charges. With the increase of online shopping and banking, fraudulent card use shifted in 2016 from stolen or counterfeit cards being used in-person to the account numbers being used remotely. This means it is more important than ever to regularly check statements. While your card may be in your wallet, that doesn’t mean it isn’t being used by a criminal somewhere.

Taking Care of Your Digital Self, Part 2: Credit Reports

Protect Your Credit Report

Checking your credit report regularly helps to ensure that someone else isn’t using your name to open credit cards, apply for loans, or start new utility services and leaving you to foot the bill. Fraud that impacts your credit report can decimate your credit and good standing, making future financial decisions even more complicated and costly.

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